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How Spoken Word Can Encourage and Uplift Your Soul!

There are all types of poetry! Poetry is a collection of words that express an idea or emotion that often uses imagery and metaphor. Why is poetry so therapeutic to some? How is it therapeutic? A certain twist and a play on words has a way of awakening your emotions surrounding current events, past times, fantasy’s, and/or visions.

Poetry Therapy is a growing practice that is used as a form of medicine for many individuals. In the simplest of terms, poetry therapy is the intentional use of poetry and other forms of literature for healing and personal growth.

The goals of poetry therapy are:

  • To develop accuracy and understanding in perceiving self and others;

  • To develop creativity, self-expression, and greater self-esteem;

  • To strengthen interpersonal skills and communication skills;

  • To ventilate overpowering emotions and release tension;

  • To find new meaning through new ideas, insights, and information; and

  • To promote change and increase coping skills and adaptive functions.

If you haven’t been to any spoken word events or poetry slams, take an escape through words and check out these two top hot spots in the city!!

Apache Café in Midtown Atlanta

Kats Café in Midtown Atlanta

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