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Fall In Love with Yourself First!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” – Oscar Wilde

Spending time to reflect on your well-being and loving who you are will allow positive vibes to consume you! Here are some ideas on how you can love YOU more!!

Spend some time alone →learning to get comfortable with who you are, is one of the most crucial parts of radical love!

Speak compliments or encouraging words to yourself daily → look in the mirror and SAY IT LOUD!! Doing this is like a jolt to the heart! It jumpstarts a cycle of love which only stops when you say so.

Evaluate what you’re feeding yourself → this not only pertains to food, but what you’re feeding your soul. Eating clean will allow for more energy to focus on the life you want to live! Allowing positive things into your circle, whether it be social media, reality television, or people will make a huge difference on the focuses in your world. The choice is yours!

Move your body → Get out of the house today and stretch your limbs! Exercise will make you feel great!! Invite some friends with you!

Do something good for somebody else →the more I learn about radical self love, the more I realize that the larger picture doesn’t solely focus on self! Love!!

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