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Holiday Shopping Tips!

It’s holiday shopping season! One of the biggest mistakes people make is spending their entire savings on gifts. Gift giving does not have to be expensive and complicated. We have prepared a few tips that will make your shopping a breeze and affordable.

It is important to Planning Ahead:

1. Prepare a shopping list. Write down the name of every person you want to purchase a gift for this season; such as family, friends, teachers, teammates, etc.

2. Make a budget. Be realistic, creative and focus on creating a modest budget.

3. Track your purchases. It is so easy to forget what you’ve purchased! Keep a small notebook with you or track it on your phone and write down what you’ve purchased and how much you’ve spent.

The key to saving money is to Shop Smart:

4. Get the best deals. While shopping, use an app like “Red Laser” to scan barcodes and see if you have the best price.

5. Personalized homemade gifts. Do you have a special cookie recipe? Make a gift with your own hands.

6. Buy in bulk. Many stores have bulk items: candles, lotions, bubble bath. You can personalize them to make great gifts for family and friends.

7. Buy extras. When you find a great deal, buy extras. You might forget someone or need a quick gift.

Lastly, remember that Christmas is not all about gift giving. It is more about spending time with loved ones and celebrating the birth of the Jesus Christ!

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