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How to Get Along with Anyone

The key to getting along with others is the ability to adapt yourself to different situations. Getting along with others is not a difficult task. However, you have to make a thoughtful choice to practice and incorporate the following tips into your daily interactions with others:

1. When communicating with others, listen with the intent to understand. It is important to make an effort to truly understand what they are saying (avoid planning your response while they are speaking). It is okay to make relevant comments as they talk, however try to reference some of their statements when you respond.

2. Imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. In order to get along better with others, take the time to view the situation from their point of view. Even if you do not completely agree. One sign of an open mind is someone who will listen to someone else speak, without interrupting, even if they disagree with the view being expressed.

3. Strive to be polite and considerate. Be mindful of others’ feelings. Wittiness and humor at another person’s expense may be damaging to their self-esteem. A polite demeanor will also leave a deeper positive impact and help build a solid relationship.

4. Take the opportunity to mention an encouraging word to or about somebody. Encouraging and complimenting others, creates a culture of kindness and creates a friendly environment!

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