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Attention vs Respect

What is it that you seek more? Attention or Respect?

What is it that you seek more? Attention or Respect? In the age of social media, there are millions of individuals that post pictures, places, and things in order to receive “likes” and/or “followers” all for the desire of attention. Some people go as far as deleting pictures that don’t receive the amount of “likes” or “attention” that they desire. But what do you gain from that attention? What type of attention is it? Is it necessary for your self-validation or self worth? How does receiving certain levels of attention benefit your life? If the answers to those questions are surface level with no foundation, perhaps a reevaluation is needed.

Having the respect of those that you are seeking attention from speaks volumes on many different levels. Being someone or possessing something that is viewed not only as interesting, but also as important and valued, serves as a solid foundation. Being respected comes with a level of expectations that are demanded and received based on how you allow others to treat you and the perceptions you may leave behind.

Which has a greater importance in your life? Attention or Respect?

Seek RESPECT not attention! It lasts much longer...

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