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How to Function in Chaos

In 2010 the American Psychological Association conducted a survey, which found that nearly 1/3 of children reported experiencing physical symptoms that are frequently associated with stressful situations. Almost 38% had difficulty falling asleep or sleeping the entire night.

At times stressful and chaotic situations start unnecessarily because people rush into action without consideration. People began to panic without really thinking about whether there is actually a need for panic.

Below are tips to help you manage chaos:

1. Organize yourself by taking better control of the way you're spending your time and energy so you can handle stress more effectively.

2. Be mindful of your environment and control your surroundings. This will allow you to get rid of stress or seek support for yourself.

3. Give yourself positive reinforcement, always remember that you have unique qualities and strive to do the best you can.

4. Maintain your social life by planning leisure activities with your friends. It helps to have something to look forward to.

5. Exercise your body because this will increase your productivity.

6. Relax by taking your mind off your stress and concentrating on breathing and positive thoughts.

American Psychological Association (2010).

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