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Favorite Fall & Winter Beauty Tips

Cooler weather is on the way and now it is time to clean out your summer make up bag and switch out those bright colors. Welcome Summer Bell a Different Girl member and Atlanta makeup artist as she shares her favorite Fall and Winter beauty tips to add to your day and night routines.

1) Burgundy is your best friend! My favorite autumn lip combination is definitely "Plum" lip liner and "Diva" lipstick all by MAC Cosmetics; along with bold brows and a dramatic wing!

2) Dare to be Dark! The fall and winter seasons are the best times for your darkest pieces in your closet. I tend to wear mostly black, browns, and grey clothing during this time. Accented with a few gold pieces of course; It's so fab, and so fierce!

3) More Contour, Less Highlight! Now that summer is gone, dewy skin isn't what's "poppin" anymore - literally. So, swap out the heavy highlighter, grab that contour brush and that bronzer!

4) Natural is never a wrong answer! A light BB cream or light coverage foundation, soft brows, mascara, and a bold burgundy lip is the way to go!

Special thanks to Summer for writing a quest post this week for the blog! Different girls change the world!

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