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Are you Productive or just Busy?

First let's define the perspective terms busy and Productive...Busy is defined as having a great deal to do.Productive is defined as producing or able to produce large amounts or goods / achieving a significant amount.

In today’s society, the word busy is often overused and praised in a manner, which leads one to believe that they are accomplishing a great deal. That hard-working individual that is in class early and leaves after the last bus is often idolized; but what are the fruits of their labor? Are they really getting anything done?

I find that those who are always busy are either trying to do too much, or they aren’t very good at the task that’s at hand. Being "busy" can often times just be a sign of having poor time management and not being aware of what one is trying to accomplish. This leads to one scrambling trying to get a lot done with little time to spare. Ultimately, Very little is actually completed! So the next time you find yourself being “busy”, look to see what you have accomplished. Are you just busy or are you being productive?

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