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What not to wear: The summer internship edition

So you've been hired and you are trading in your sneakers for pumps? No worries, we will help you find the perfect wardrobe and let you know what NOT to wear on the job! Most importantly, you must know your work environment before heading to the office for your first day. We suggest asking the hiring manager or your direct supervisor what is the office dress code. Most office environments call for business casual, but many modern day companies are headed towards a more casual work environment. Depending on the workplace, we can be sure there are certain things you should NOT wear. Stay away from crop tops or any midriff bearing shirt. You also want to make sure you stay clear of plunging necklines. Instead, opt for a collared shirt or blouse. Leave the short shorts at home please. We know, it's blazing hot outside, but please exchange the booty short for trousers or capris. If its tight, short and/or has a high split, then its probably a no-go for the office. Keep your party dresses for a night out with your friends. High heels are definitely ok for the office. We suggest you keep the heel height under 3 inches. There is no need to wobble around in your 5 inch platform heels. You need to be able to focus on your work and not how much your feet are aching.

The key knowing what is appropriate for your office wardrobe is observing your work enivronment, asking someone in human resources and reading the company handbook. Making a first impression is important...You want your employer to respect you. You never know, you may want to come back next summer or you may even need a good reference down the line. Don't let you work attire be the reason you don't succeed.

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