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Top Places To Volunteer This Summer!!!


Volunteering is a wonderful way to gain experience in a field without making a long-term commitment! You have the opportunity to test the waters and gain knowledge that will help you in the future! Not only is volunteering a wonderful way to gain experience in a field of your choice, but it is a wonderful feeling to help those that are in need. These opportunities can be life-changing experiences. They can expand your horizons and foster meaningful relationships. That is a wonderful learning experience in itself! Wondering where to volunteer?See our list of Top Places To Volunteer This Summer!!

Your Local Community Food Bank

Volunteer to inspect and pack food, work in community gardens, sort school supplies or help out at special events. Check out the Feeding America website to find a location near you.

Community Tree Planting

Volunteer with planting and maintaining trees and native grasses, forest restoration, or office work. For example Trees Atlanta, or Friends of Trees

All Empowered, Inc. (Atlanta)

Volunteer by serving as a Tutor/Mentor working with students who are in need of support to increase their GPA or learn fundamentals. (16 +)

Your Local Humane Society

Volunteers are needed to assist staff and the public with appropriate placement of animals, supervise handling of animals by the public, walk dogs, assist in educating the public about pet care, all while giving the animals the love and care they need. (16 +) Visit Best Friends Society or Animal Humane Society for volunteer locations.

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