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The Wrap Up: ADG Unplugged

Last month we held of first ADG Unplugged event. ADG Unplugged is a day filled with workshops and team building activites. Our goal was to provide the girls with a fun and relaxed learning environment. The day was a huge success!

The day began with a parent informational meeeting in which we infromed all of our parents of the direction of ADG and upcoming activites. The scavenge kicked off our activities. The girls were able to work together to answer questions and get to know one another better.

Then we moved into our first workshop of the day, Spending Responsibly. The girls learned needs verus wants.

After our first workshop, we headed to the park for our balloon release. At the park we released all the charateristics that hinder us from being a good leader.

From there we headed back for our second workshop, What's Your Brand. This workshop covered how to discover and build your personal brand.

The day ended with a recap of activities. We had an awesome time and can't wait for the next ADG Unplugged event!

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